Sr. Amy Hereford provides legal, consultation and facilitation services for religious communities and other non-profits:

Respecting the unique nature of the religious community and the spirit of religious life.
Providing legal education and consultation for Catholic religious and their professional advisors.
Helping religious institutes to maximize their effectiveness through careful planning and discernment.
Assisting in the ongoing development of relationships with sponsored ministries.
Helping to establish and develop nonprofit organizations.

There is an ongoing need for religious communities to obtain legal and consultation services that respect the unique nature of the religious community. Amy has a reputation among religious communities for helping leadership teams and communities to understand and assess their options, to move toward discernment and to implement their decisions.

Services offered:

Legal and Canonical Consultation: Advice on a variety of civil and canonical issues, assistance in cases, projects and matters of concern.
Futuring and Sponsorship: Assistance with sponsorship religionships and with various forms of restructuring or covenant or affiliation agreements.
Facilitation: Facilitation of chapters and community meetings, particularly assisting in visioning, futuring, exploring, discerning, and implementing decisions in a community's life journey.
Corporations and Trusts: Provide organizations with the training and technical assistance services best able to address their organizations needs.
Presentations: for religious orders and for nonprofits, to boards, community leaders, assemblies, committee meetings.
Tax: Advice on Exempt Organization Tax Issues, Application for Exempt Status, Tax Audits and Appeals
Legal Audits: Review and revision of corporate documents and policies as required. Review of compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Due diligence reviews.
Policy Review and Development: Assistance in development, review and education about policies.

Languages: Spanish, Italian, some French, a little Dutch


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