Webcast Payment


This page contains links for current clients - If you are not a current client, please contact me for an initial conversation - see the contact information at the left.

Online Scheduling

- Click the link above. The highlighted boxes indicate my availability. If there are no highlighted boxes, that means I have no availability that day.

- Click on the desired time slot. A checkmark will appear on it and you will now be able to click on the "book it" button at the bottom.

- Submit your name and email address. You will see a confirmation screen and you will receive a confirmation email.



Webcast Payments

Pay for extra copies of webcasts, or for extra handling charge on the CD-ROM. Be sure to include your shipping address for CD-ROMs when you checkout.

Program Requested


Use this form to submit your credit card payments or donation. The donate button allows you to set the payment amount. In the note section, please indicate what the reason for the payment.