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  • As the Governance Communal Discernment Committee (GCDC), we are inviting all of us to continue our conversation regarding
    • our communal discernment regarding governance, and
    • our call to simplification.
  • In addition, we feel it is important to have an opportunity to share about
    • our lived reality in this pandemic.
  • We will be proposing topics for discussion and asking for feedback from each group. After receiving the feedback, we will share the results, and move us on to the next topic. In general, it will move us through the topics listed above: governance, simplification, and lived reality.

Group Members

  • Mary Kay Hadican - Host
  • Carol Brouillette
  • Pat Giljum
  • Anne Kelly
  • Joan Lampton
  • Maryellen Tierney
  • Kathleen Karbowski

Discussion Topics

Round One

  • The discussion topics will evolve. For now, please discuss the following questions:
    • How are you experiencing this present reality during this time?
    • How are you finding blessings?
  • Once you have had your discussion, the facilitator or a designated scribe is asked to submit the group's response by June 15 to Carol Underhill at


Mary Kay, 2020/06/09 16:30
Group 11 would like to express thanks to PLT for the video communications.
Also a big, big thanks to Amy for "Together We Are More." Very much appreciated.

Group wonders when/how we are going to move forward to make some decision about future government structures.

Group would like to continue small groups and have discussions about what the future of leadership might look like or the future of structures. How to re-imagine these roles and functions.

Group was happy to have the chance to see and speak to one another.
Mary Kay, 2020/06/09 07:00
Looking forward to our group sharing today.
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