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  • As the Governance Communal Discernment Committee (GCDC), we are inviting all of us to continue our conversation regarding
    • our communal discernment regarding governance, and
    • our call to simplification.
  • In addition, we feel it is important to have an opportunity to share about
    • our lived reality in this pandemic.
  • We will be proposing topics for discussion and asking for feedback from each group. After receiving the feedback, we will share the results, and move us on to the next topic. In general, it will move us through the topics listed above: governance, simplification, and lived reality.

Group Members

  • Amy Hereford - Host
  • Therese Chaperone
  • Patrice Coolick
  • Pat Gloriod
  • Gerry O'Laughlin
  • Carolyn Strack
  • Barbara Volk
  • Mary Ann Hilgeman

Discussion Topics

Round One

  • The discussion topics will evolve. For now, please discuss the following questions:
    • How are you experiencing this present reality during this time?
    • How are you finding blessings?
  • Once you have had your discussion, the facilitator or a designated scribe is asked to submit the group's response by June 20 to Carol Underhill at


Amy Hereford, 2020/06/02 12:52
I hope everyone is well.

Let's gather at 1pm on Sunday, June 7, 2020.
4 of us can do Zoom on the computer. Here is the link:
2 or 3 can dial-in: dial 1-312-626-6799 and enter code 447857525

We will all be able to hear each other and to speak. Those on Zoom on the computer can also see each other.

I look forward to our time together.
Amy Hereford, 2020/05/30 06:52, 2020/06/02 12:16
1. Can you participate in a zoom meeting? If not, how would you like to participate?
2. If you can participate in zoom, indicate if you are available:
Saturday, June 6th 1pm
Saturday, June 6th 3pm
Sunday, June 7th 1pm
Sunday, June 7th 3pm
Enter your comment:
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