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Joan Filla, 2020/06/13 07:33
I’m glad we had a second meeting so that Anna could zoom with us.
Nancy Corcoran, 2020/06/06 11:47
When so many of us are of the age when we can be compromised by Covid19 virus, what then is our mission? The virus has exposed the weaknesses of our cultural reality, can we even imagine a better world.
How do we begin to make a difference?
What changes can we make for the common good?
As institutions crumble, what systemic changes can we be a part of?
NYTimes offers the possibility to actually change police culture, is it possible?
What am I willing to do? Is Restorative Justice a way to go?
Enough inward reflection, can we focus outward?
Do BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER in a predominantly white community?
Can we post a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign at CARONDELET at this time?
Will we pay attention to the benchmarks coming out from the Vatican?
Nancy Corcoran, 2020/06/05 10:40
Group 3 will meet on Saturday June 6, 2020 from 10-12.
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