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   * [[http://​​archive/​ENG1104/​_|INDEX.HTM |English83]] [[http://​​X/​LAT0010.HTM ​ |Latin83]] [[http://​​X/​LAT0813.HTM |Latin17]] [[http://​​X/​ENG1199.HTM |CCEO English]] [[http://​​X/​LAT0758.HTM |CCEO Latin]] [[http://​​Bible/​480/​Codex/​Parallel_Version.htm |Latin/​English83]] [[http://​​9.php?​d=fn French17]] [[http://​​Bible/​480/​Codex/​ |Latin / English parallel]]   * [[http://​​archive/​ENG1104/​_|INDEX.HTM |English83]] [[http://​​X/​LAT0010.HTM ​ |Latin83]] [[http://​​X/​LAT0813.HTM |Latin17]] [[http://​​X/​ENG1199.HTM |CCEO English]] [[http://​​X/​LAT0758.HTM |CCEO Latin]] [[http://​​Bible/​480/​Codex/​Parallel_Version.htm |Latin/​English83]] [[http://​​9.php?​d=fn French17]] [[http://​​Bible/​480/​Codex/​ |Latin / English parallel]]
 +  * [[https://​​diritto_universale.php | Norms of current canon law of the universal Church, and other resources]]
 ==Canon Law Faculties== ==Canon Law Faculties==
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   * **Ivo of Chartres** [[http://​​ivo/​ |texts]]   * **Ivo of Chartres** [[http://​​ivo/​ |texts]]
   *  **Patristics** [[http://​​Pie_homepage.html |Patristics in English]] [[http://​ |Christian Classics Ethereal Library]]   *  **Patristics** [[http://​​Pie_homepage.html |Patristics in English]] [[http://​ |Christian Classics Ethereal Library]]
 +  * [[https://​ |resources]]
 ==Societies== ==Societies==
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