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1983 Code

Book I : General Norms

Book II: People of God

Book II - Part III

Book III: Teaching Office

Book IV: Sanctifying Office

Book V: Temporal Goods

Book VI: Sanctions

Book VII: Processes


Code of Canons of Eastern Churches



Contact: Amy Hereford, csj, JD, JCD

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Table of Contents

Seed Store

  1. There are two stores: ebay and etsy. The ebay store is stronger since I've been selling there for a while and have almost 500 positive reviews. Etsy is easier to sell and I get a few pennies more per sale.
  2. You can run the sales from your phone or from the web. It might be easier to start with the web - I was able to do video tutorials of the two stores - see below.
  3. To mail, you put 30+ seeds in a pack - I usually put 35-40, more of the climbing milkweed because the seeds aren't the greatest. Then put in a little piece of bubble wrap - I cut up old bubble wrap that I get in packages. Stick them in an envelope with one stamp and ship them off.


Video Tutorial

  1. click on ship items
  2. click on print shipping label - only to get the address, don't buy the label.
  3. address an envelope and put in seeds, stamp and send.
  4. click on relist - make it 10 days, relist up to 8 times.
  5. click on leave feedback - I usually give 5 stars and say something cheery - thanks for ordering - good ebayer - or some such.


Video Tutorial

  1. Open the store manager
  2. click on open orders - manage orders
  3. click that the order is sent - I think you have to click twice.
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