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 |  Etsy  |  $3.26/packet  |  14  |  45.70  | |  Etsy  |  $3.26/packet  |  14  |  45.70  |
-Proposal - I'll venmo $2/packet. At the end of each month send me a Venmo request. +Proposal - I'll venmo you $2/packet. At the end of each month send me a Venmo request.  
 +=====Change Emails===== 
 +  - We changed the email address for Etsy and eBay so you get the notifications. 
 +=====Completely turning over the shops===== 
 +  - We could change the ID on ebay if you like.  
 +    - I use the eBay account for some purchases. 
 +    - It is linked to my Paypal account.  
 +    - It would be harder to completely turn this over since I use the paypal account for webcast payments.  
 +  - If you would like to completely take over the Etsy account, you could. Change email, ID, bank account. 
 +    - If you have an Etsy account, maybe you could just open your own shop and list them yourself. I don't have many sales anyway. Then I would get maybe $0.50/packet.
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