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1983 Code

Book I : General Norms

Book II: People of God

Book II - Part III

Book III: Teaching Office

Book IV: Sanctifying Office

Book V: Temporal Goods

Book VI: Sanctions

Book VII: Processes


Code of Canons of Eastern Churches



Contact: Amy Hereford, csj, JD, JCD

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Seed Store

  1. There are two stores: ebay and etsy. The ebay store is stronger since I've been selling there for a while and have almost 500 positive reviews. Etsy is easier to sell and I get a few pennies more per sale.
  2. You can run the sales from your phone or from the web. It might be easier to start with the web - I was able to do video tutorials of the two stores - see below.
  3. To mail, you put 30+ seeds in a pack - I usually put 35-40, more of the climbing milkweed because the seeds aren't the greatest. Then put in a little piece of bubble wrap - I cut up old bubble wrap that I get in packages. Stick them in an envelope with one stamp and ship them off.


Video Tutorial

  1. click on ship items
  2. click on print shipping label - only to get the address, don't buy the label.
  3. address an envelope and put in seeds, stamp and send.
  4. click on relist - make it 10 days, relist up to 8 times.
  5. click on leave feedback - I usually give 5 stars and say something cheery - thanks for ordering - good ebayer - or some such.


Video Tutorial

  1. Open the store manager
  2. click on open orders - manage orders
  3. click that the order is sent - I think you have to click twice. I forgot to put this on the video.

Payment suggestion

store avg net YTD sold YTD income
eBay $3.15/packet 11 34.60
Etsy $3.26/packet 14 45.70

Proposal - I'll venmo you $2/packet. At the end of each month send me a Venmo request.

Change Emails

  1. We changed the email address for Etsy and eBay so you get the notifications.

Completely turning over the shops

  1. We could change the ID on ebay if you like.
    1. I use the eBay account for some purchases.
    2. It is linked to my Paypal account.
    3. It would be harder to completely turn this over since I use the paypal account for webcast payments.
  2. If you would like to completely take over the Etsy account, you could. Change email, ID, bank account.
    1. If you have an Etsy account, maybe you could just open your own shop and list them yourself. I don't have many sales anyway. Then I would get maybe $0.50/packet.
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