This project assists religious institutes facing an uncertain and changing future. In this difficult but grace-filled time, a community can live today's challenges with the same courage, fidelity and creativity that have marked its entire history. We assist communities in developing a timeline, in identifying the covenant(s) and/or partnership(s) that will be helpful along the way and in putting the necessary documents in place regarding:

Administration, Temporal Goods and Finance
Leadership & Canonical Governance

The project has three phases of assistance to communities:

Phase One: education and changing the discourse; preparing leadership to move into action with their communities, developing a sense of hope-filled urgency.
Phase Two: assist communities in decision making, facilitating community meetings and chapters, and settling their affairs.
Phase Three: working with institutes through initial implementation process, drafting and reviewing documents, identifying and forming partnerships. We can continue as needed to monitor their progress.

Phase One: Workshop

This phase will consist of a workshop offered online or on-ground in various locations or with your leadership team.

1. Online Workshops - Four 90 minute sessions.
-- April and September  Register
(Online Sessions are at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.)
--Charism & Completion - 
--Models of Completion - 
--Transitioning Sponsorship - 
--Covenants and Partnerships - 
Sept  5-8, 2017 - recordings are available, usually within 24 hours.
--Covenant Project Phone Forum - participants are welcome to join a quarterly phone forum with other's who have completed the workshop and are facing similar issues.
Participants will have access to both Live and recorded sessions - in case not all members of your team can be present for the full series.
2. Available on USB (formerly CD-ROM) All four sessions in audio and video, with handouts, are available on USB. After participating in all four sessions, you can schedule a follow-up phone call. Register.
3. Request a Consultation or a Local Workshop. Contact us to request a consultation with your community on these timely issues. You may request a Phase One workshop with your team either online or at your location. or with several leadership teams in your region.

Institutes are encouraged to participate in groups, e.g. the leadership team or futuring committee. Those who wish to come for information, but who are uncertain of their future are welcome to attend the workshop.

Register for the Covenant Project Workshop Series:

A registration includes all four webcasts and a follow-up conference call with your leadership team or council. Registration is open till workshops are filled, or until 1 week before the webcast series starts.