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Slides - Montreal, July 2017



Making meaning of History:

  • Desert ascetics stepped outside society for a more deliberate commitment to the Gospel.
  • Monastics gathered for mutual support in balanced lives of prayer and work amid the failed Roman Empire.
  • Mendicants set out on mission and remained in orders.
  • Apostolics responded to pressing evangelical and social needs.
  • And today?



Beauty of the Dancer

Amy Hereford



Blog: Mystics and Prophets

Sisters 2.0 - is a movement of the new generations of women religious. In this peer-led, self-organized space, we network for visioning and fostering future oriented initiatives for religious life. In the spirit of Giving Voice, we embrace our diversity, listening attentively, speaking with intention, and tending to the good of the whole. Contact

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New Monasticism Resources:

The Resources for New Monasticism from a collaboration of old and new, esteemed elders immersed in the depths of our religious traditions and young contemplatives whose paths speak to an emerging spirituality that cuts across traditional religious and spiritual boundaries. Bucko, McIntee.