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Covenant Project - April 2015 - This project assists religious institutes facing an uncertain and changing future. In this difficult but grace-filled time, a community can live today's challenges with the same courage, fidelity and creativity that have marked its entire history. We assist communities in developing a timeline, in identifying the covenant(s) and/or partnership(s) that will be helpful along the way and in putting the necessary documents in place regarding 1. Sponsorship, 2. Eldercare, 3. Administration, Temporal Goods and Finance and 4. Canonical Governance. For more information...

Legal Issues for Older and Indebted Candidates May 19. 2015 – As they enter into our formation programs, come with challenging issues. This webcast will explore particular issues of older candidates and those with education debt.

Privacy in Religious Institutes August 18, 2015 – This webcast will explore the issue of privacy in civil and canon law as it applies to religious institutes and their members.

Associates of Religious Institutes ... a way forward November 17 2015 – This webcast explores the past, present and future of this important movement, then discusses issues and challenges, and provides insight into a way forward for the movement.

Recorded Programs

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