Tuesdays, 2:00 pm Eastern Time, 11:00 am Pacific Time
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Recorded Programs

Upcoming Program details below:

Legacy Trusts - Nov 2017 Using a Trust to ensure the ongoing legacy of a community by caring for the sisters and distributing funds to ministries in keeping with the congregation's values. 

Covenant Project Workshop - Sept 2017 - Four sessions assisting communities in developing a timeline, in identifying the covenant(s) and/or partnership(s) that will be helpful along the way and in putting the necessary documents in place regarding Sponsorship, Eldercare, Administration and Finance, and Canonical Governance. For more information...

Canon Law 101 - On-Demand - Feb 2017. This 4-part series of webcasts introduces participants to Canon Law, the rules that govern church order and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. It is intended to be a broad-based introduction to Canon Law for those who work for Church ministries and for those who would like to deepen their understanding of Church Law.  For more information...

Screening Candidates for Religious Life - February 20, 2018 This webcast provides leaders, formation and vocation directors with thecontext, theory, challenges and practicalities working with candidates for religious life in discernment, assessment and the application process. It will examine roles of the candidate, vocation/formation staff and leadership as well as ethics and boundaries for this ministry.

Councils, Chapters and E-Participation - May 15, 2018 This webcast will examine the use and challenges of electronic participation in facilitating governance. They are increasingly used for Councils and Chapters are a cornerstone of governance in religious institutes as they provide for collaborative governance and broader input on the for the most important aspects of the life of the community. 

Mission and Catholic Identity - August 21, 2018 This webcast will explore the meaning and importance of ensuring the catholic identity of the sponsored ministries of religious institutes. 

Collaborative Governnce in Religious Institutes - November 20, 2018 This webcast will examine collaborative structures co-sponsored by religious institutes to assist aging religious communities with their needs for leadership and administration. It will examine the role of individuals and communities asked to assist in this ministry.