Amy Hereford is available for consultation and education at your location.

Topics may cover a variety of legal issues particular to religious institutes. The general topic and the audience should be specified prior to accepting the speaking engagement. The topic will probably be refined as the talk is prepared. Sample topics:

1. Civil Structures of Religious Institutes - Corporation, Retirement Resources, Ministries
2. Covenant Project - guidance for institutes who do not seek to merger or align with another institute.
3. Rights and Obligations in Religious Life: Members, Leaders, New Members
4. Religious as Employees, Religious as Employers and Self-Employment for Religious
5. Canon Law 101 - introduction to canon law for religious leaders and church workers
Individual Programs:
1. Associates of Religious Institutes - a way forward...
2. Emerging and Transforming Religious Life
3. Small Aging Institutes: Issues and Options
4. Retention of Records of Congregational Members
5. Vocation and Formation in Civil and Canon Law - for formation programs and/or for directors
Retreat Topics: Poetic Spirituality, The God of Mystics and Prophets, Emerging Religious Life & The New Cosmology

Dates should be set for presentations at least a few months in advance. At that time a general discussion of the topic of the presentation should occur. A few weeks before the presentation, the topic can be refined. Travel and accomodations, materials and equipment should be finalized at this time.

Materials / Handouts

The file for the handouts can be e-mailed in advance so that the client can provide copies for participants. Amy will charge for copies she provides.

Generally an LCD (Power Point) projector is Needed.

Sr. Amy Hereford is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis Province, having entered religious life in 1978. She has a law degree from Boston University School of Law, and theology and canon law degrees from the Catholic University of Louvain. In addition, she holds degrees in science and communications and she effectively utilizes information technologies in her work.

Sister Amy has extensive experience serving the legal needs of religious communities. She has written and spoken on a wide range of legal issues as they impact on religious communities and their members. She has served as General Counsel and as a consultant to religious communities, nonprofits and to the boards of many organizations. In addition she has teaching experience both in the academic setting and in presenting educational seminars for religious communities, nonprofits and their professional advisors.

Her outside interests include: Herb gardening, computers, music, Yoga, aviation, sailing, language & culture.