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Associates to Association - evolution of a movement

Association has been a dynamic development in the community of faith in the years since the Second Vatican Council with its re-affirmation of the universal calls to holiness and to mission. Recent decades have seen encouraging growth in interest among the Christian faithful spirituality and participation in prayer, spiritual practices, retreats, [...] Read more

Entrusting Educational Ministries to a Ministerial Public Juridic Person

Many religious communities have embraced the privilege and challenge of educating generations of students. We have witnessed the transformative power of education at play in the lives of individuals and of societies. It may be children learning to read. It may be teenagers discovering the arts. It may be young adults exploring the latest [...] Read more

Canonical Leadership and Collaborative Governance

From apostolic times, men and women have set about following Christ with greater freedom and living the Gospel more radically through the practice of the evangelical counsels lived in community and leading a life of apostolic zeal dedicated to God. This movement, within the community of faith, continues to draw followers and is ever in a process [...] Read more

Councils, Chapters and E-Participation

COVID-19 has changed our day-to-day life in remarkable ways. It is also changed our self-understanding as religious communities, as a Church, as a society, and as a world community. Even with a vaccine, it may be unlikely that we will ever return to the pre-2020-normal. One change in religious life has been virtual meetings. Many agree that this [...] Read more

Commissaries and Collaboration

While moving to completion is not the story of all communities, it is the need of some who face an aging membership, a dwindling leadership pool, and the ongoing demands of this phase of the community's life journey in today's world. Leaders must focus their attention on specific issues related to completion: ensuring sponsored ministries are [...] Read more

Issues in Vocation & Formation in a time of Pandemic

We live in truly challenging times, with a pandemic sweeping through our communities, causing us to shutter our schools, churches and businesses, and shelter at home. The pandemic pushed many world economies into free-fall which seems to deepen the disparities between rich and poor and leave vulnerable communities in desperate poverty. Thousands [...] Read more

Online Forum and Property Issues

Online Forum of Law for Religious Leadership We live in truly challenging times, with a pandemic sweeping through our communities, causing us to shutter our schools, churches and businesses, and shelter at home. We thank those who are at the frontlines, keeping us safe, healthy, and supplied during this time. We thank those who are continuing to [...] Read more

Completion and Legacy

Some Religious Institutes and Societies of Apostolic Life (collectively “communities”) in the U.S. and around the world are facing critical points in their life-cycle. Given the current demographics, it is likely that many communities are coming to the completion of their historical life-cycle and will be unable to provide canonical leadership for [...] Read more

Beyond the Crossroads

Years ago, having finished college just a few months before, I tentatively stepped across the threshold into a large motherhouse complex. I stepped into a new world that has shaped me and colored my approach to life, to spirituality, to ministry, and to so many other things. I came with hopes and dreams, and with not a few misconceptions about the [...] Read more

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