Sponsored Ministry Corporations

This newsletter is the last in the special series on the civil structures of religious institutes and societies. A fundamental part of the life and work of religious is carrying on the mission of Jesus in the world of today. Most institutes have a specific mission or a particular way of doing ministry that inspired their founding members, and that [...] Read more

Transfer to Another Religious Institute

Transfer is the process that allows a finally incorporated member of one institute or society to leave their original community and move into another institute or society. Religious life dates to the earliest Christian centuries where it was first lived by individuals and small groups who sought a greater commitment to Gospel living as ascetics, [...] Read more

Canonical Obligations and Rights of Religious

The 1983 Code of Canon Law contains several sections on the obligations and rights of various different groups in the Church, those for the Christian Faithful, the Lay Christian Faithful, Clerics and Religious. This newsletter will focus on those which apply to non-clerical religious. Human and Civil Rights are protected by civil society at the [...] Read more

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