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We live in truly challenging times, with a pandemic sweeping through our communities, causing us to shutter our schools, churches and businesses, and shelter at home. We thank those who are at the frontlines, keeping us safe, healthy, and supplied during this time. We thank those who are continuing to teach, to care for the sick, and to lead and serve our communities with courage and compassion. Even in these times, we must still attend to the good of our communities and continue planning and providing for the needs of our communities, now and into the future.
In response to the pandemic, many regional and national conferences and workshops have been postponed or canceled. I would like to provide an alternative that may fill a need for those seeking to enhance their understanding of canon law and civil law as they impact leadership in religious institutes. To this end, I have developed a list of recorded webcast series and bundles of recorded webcasts that can be used by individuals and teams. You can find more information here

Property Ownership and Control in Civil and Canon Law

We are also continuing to develop materials to help religious communities and their leadership in addressing their ongoing challenges. In particular, several issues of civil and canonical ownership and control have arisen recently, and differing opinions are offered by attorneys and canonists present.
This webinar proposes to explore these issues and provide clarity to leaders and to business and finance personnel regarding these issues, namely:

  1. Ownership and control of an institute’s charitable trust and alienation concerns when the trustees of an institute’s charitable trust are not leadership or membership of an institute?
  2. Ownership and control of real property dedicated to a ministry and alienation concerns when an institute transfers its assets to a sponsored ministry.
  3. Canonical ownership of the assets of sponsored ministries.

The webcast will set out the principles of ownership of temporal goods under canon law and ownership of assets under civil law. It will then use case studies to help show how one can plan for the preferred ownership and control of ministries and assets in three different scenarios.
Register for May's webcast which will explore issues of ownership and control of property and corporations in civil and canon law. Register here.

To view our archive of newsletters, click here. And to view our archive of webcasts, click here. As always, feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you and your community.

Be safe! and let's hold one another in prayer.
Amy Hereford

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