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St Joseph Educational Ministries


  • Welcome and Prayer
    • Welcome - thank you for taking the time to join us today, your input and collaboration have birthed this project and are essential to implementation. I hope you will be informed and energized to move forward together with SJEM.
    • Mute Mic except when speaking, Speaker view for introductions
    • Welcome by group: PLT, Avila, Fontbonne, STA, SJA, SJID, Planning Team, Jenny, MJF, BCH, Pamela
    • Prayer
  • Update -
  • Communication plan - JB; next major step; SC has done a lot already; Comm plan, resources, plan.
  • Legal transition - BCH; important initial information so you will be aware of this in your own planning
  • Wrap-up - Mutual agreements, agree on and refine timeline and next steps


  • 2018
    • Met with Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL)
    • Submitted Proposal to CICLSAL and responded to request for changes in Jan 2019
  • 2020
    • Decree issued Jan 20, 2020
    • SJEM Sponsorship Network organizing
    • Sponsorship Collaborative completing its work
Proposed timeline
Spring 2021 Tentative Public Launch
Fall 2021 Sponsorship Day
Spring 2022 Formal transition of sponsorship

SJEM Sponsorship Network

  • Gather candidates for SJEM membership
  • Orientation
    • to each other
    • to sponsorship
    • to SJEM
  • Formation for ministry of sponsorship
  • Note on SJEM Members


  • CSJs will continue to take a leadership role in sponsorship
    • Communication plan will be very important moving forward
      • Internal phase - Fall 2020, Winter 2021
      • Public phase and launch - Spring, Summer 2021
    • Many legal details to work out by the CSJs and between CSJs and Ministries
      • Formal transition is tentatively Spring 2022
    • Funding
  • SJEM
    • Sponsorship Network attending to orientation, formation, internal organization
    • Be attentive to developments as the transition unfolds
    • Prepare to take on sponsorship responsibilities
  • Broader Context
    • Several educational mPJPs are moving forward in the US. They will benefit from knowing our experience.
    • This is a 'big story' in Catholic Education and is likely to garner media attention.
    • The CSJ community has been supporting and praying for this project and will be allies in its ongoing journey.
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