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St Joseph Educational Ministries


  • Welcome and Prayer
    • Welcome - thank you for taking the time to join us today, your input and collaboration have birthed this project and are essential to implementation. I hope you will be informed and energized to move forward together with SJEM.
    • Mute Mic except when speaking, Speaker view for introductions
    • Welcome by group: PLT, Avila, Fontbonne, STA, SJA, SJID, Planning Team, Jenny, MJF, BCH, Pamela
    • Prayer
  • Update -
  • Communication plan - JB; next major step; SC has done a lot already; Comm plan, resources, plan.
  • Legal transition - BCH; important initial information so you will be aware of this in your own planning
  • Wrap-up - Mutual agreements, agree on and refine timeline and next steps



2013-14 Chapter Calls
2014-15 Sisters Sponsorship Taskforce
2016-18 Sponsorship Collaborative
2019 Petition Submitted
Jan 2020 Approval of Statutes - Decree
Spring 2021 Public Launch
Fall 2021 Sponsorship Day
Spring 2022 Formal transition of sponsorship
  • 2013-14 - Chapter Calls - province and congregational chapters call for action steps to preserve ministries and transition relationships.
  • 2014-15 - Sisters Sponsorship Taskforce - Sisters gather to discuss a path forward, call for the invitation of ministries into dialogue with sisters.
  • 2016-18 - Sponsorship Collaborative - Presidents and Board Chairs of each ministry, in dialogue with province leadership
  • 2018 Met with Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL)
  • 2019 - Petition Submitted - history and rationale, Statutes, Bylaws, Criteria for membership, Statement of ministry and finance by each ministry, Formation plan. Petition misfiled.
  • Jan 2020 - Approval of Statutes & Decree. Progress impeded by COVID. The Sisters began the formation program for member-candidates.
  • Spring 2021 - Public Launch - A joint publicity campaign by sisters and all the ministries. Public installation of the members on-ground and live-streamed, with the participation of sisters, ministry representatives, and the local bishop.
  • Fall 2021 - Sponsorship Day organized by SJEM members
  • Spring 2022 - Formal transition of sponsorship - this will require a review and adjustment of all the civil documents.

SJEM Sponsorship Network

  • Gather candidates for SJEM membership
  • Orientation
    • to each other
    • to sponsorship
    • to SJEM
  • Formation for ministry of sponsorship


  • CSJs will continue to take a leadership role in sponsorship
    • Communication plan will be very important moving forward
      • Feb 2, 2021 - Communication Roll-out
      • Continued communication plan through 2021
    • Many legal details to work out by the CSJs and between CSJs and Ministries
      • Formal transition is tentatively Spring 2022
    • March 25, 2021 - Public Event, Installation of Members, Abp Rozanski present.
    • Funding
  • SJEM
    • Sponsorship Network attending to orientation, formation, internal organization
    • Be attentive to developments as the transition unfolds
    • Prepare to take on sponsorship responsibilities
  • Broader Context
    • Several educational mPJPs are moving forward in the US. They will benefit from knowing our experience.
    • This is a 'big story' in Catholic Education and is likely to garner media attention.
    • The CSJ community has been supporting and praying for this project and will be allies in its ongoing journey.


St. Joseph Education Ministries: Review of Canonical Statutes and Bylaws

Governing Law Code of Canon Law Federal and State Law
Public Law of the Organization Statutes Articles of Incorporation
Internal Law of the Organization Canonical Bylaws Civil Bylaws

Canonical Statutes:

  • Article I Definitions: “Sponsorship” - to have responsibility for, and to be accountable to, a higher Church authority for (i) the development and maintenance of the mission and ministry of the sponsored work as a Catholic entity and (ii) the fidelity of the sponsored work to the legislation and teachings of the Church.
  • Article II - Section 2.2 – Purposes. The purposes of The Ministries are:
    • a. the Sponsorship of the Educational institutions as entities operating in accordance with the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the legislation and teachings of the Church;
    • b. the Sponsorship of other Catholic educational institutions operating in accordance with the legislation and teachings of the Church…
    • c. the advancement of Catholic education within the dioceses where the Educational institutions are located or where they provide services.
  • Article IV – Relationship of the Ministries with the Holy See.
    • Sec. 4.1 – Ongoing liaison with the Church regarding the mission of the Ministries and fidelity of the sponsored institutions to Church legislation and teaching
    • Sec. 4.2 – Holy See on an ongoing basis reviews and assesses the stewardship of the Ministries.
    • Sec. 4.3 – Annual Report and audited financial statement to the Holy See.
    • Sec. 4.4 – The Ministries facilitates public recognition of ministry as a Catholic school.
  • Article V – Relationship with Diocesan Bishop
    • Sec. 5.1 – Maintain liaison with each diocesan bishop where the Ministries exercises its canonical responsibilities.
  • Article VI – Relationship of Ministries to Educational Institutions
    • Sec. 6.1 – Governing documents of the civil corporation for each institution provide
      • a. Educational institution shall be operated as a Catholic institution consistent with the legislation and teachings of the Church
      • b. Any amendment to the governing documents which affects this provision shall require the approval of the Ministries
    • Sec. 6.2 – Review by the Ministries of actions or proposed actions of the Educational Institutions which have a relationship to the Sponsorship responsibilities of the Ministries. Ministries through its Members, Officers, and staff….in close communication with the administration and board of each institution regarding its activities and actions which relate to the Sponsorship responsibilities of the Ministries. These include, but are not limited to:
      • a. Collaboration in the development and implementation of formation activities for board members, administration, faculty, staff and volunteers at the institution.
      • b. Review of the background and credentials of candidates for board membership or as the Chief Executive Officer of the institution insofar as this is relevant to the Ministries exercise of its Sponsorship responsibilities and inform the board…as to whether or not such candidates are acceptable.
      • c. Conduct a review and discussion between representatives of the Educational Institutions and the Ministries of any other activities or matters that relate to the Sponsorship responsibilities of the Educational Institutions.
    • Sec. 6.3 – Process for Review by the Ministries of actions of the Educational Institution
      • a. Board, administration of the Institution and the Members, staff of the Ministries shall be cognizant and respectful of the role which each of them has with respect to the institution. Work collaboratively to enhance the Sponsorship relationship.
      • b. Dispute resolution process (see Canonical Bylaws, Article VII) – if both parties are unable to resolve a significant issue that relates to the Sponsorship responsibilities of the Ministries, either party may elect to terminate the institution’s relationship with the Ministries…..
  • Article VII – Members
    • Sec. 7.1 – …duly appointed persons…eligibility to serve as a Member is determined according to the criteria established by Province Leadership. Province Leadership appoints and may remove Members…. At least the majority of the Members must be Catholic in full Communion with the Church.
    • Sec. 7.2 – Duties of the Members – Exercise Sponsorship of the Educational Institutions.
    • Sec. 7.3 – Meetings of Members - Shall meet regularly (at least twice per year) in order to plan, promote, conduct, and supervise the activities of the Ministries. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or a majority of the Members. A majority of the Members shall constitute a quorum.
  • Article VIII – Officers and Finance Committee
    • Sec. 8.1 – Officers…Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and such other officers as the Members may designate. Officers are selected by the Members…as determined in the Canonical Bylaws.
    • Sec. 8.2 – Duties of the Officers (see p. 6)
    • Sec. 8.3 – Finance Committee Members appoint…to oversee the finances of the Ministries.
  • Article IX – Canonical Bylaws
    • Sec. 9.1 – Adopt Canonical Bylaws consistent with these Statutes…further delineating the authority and responsibility of the Members and Officers…. The Canonical Bylaws are subject to the approval of Province Leadership.
  • Article X – Formation
    • Sec. 10.1 – Continuing formation of its Members and the boards, administration, faculty, staff, and volunteers of the institutions and those served by the institution. The content of such formation shall be described in the Canonical Bylaws.
  • Article XI – Temporal Goods
    • Sec. 11.1 – The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, intend, contemporaneously with the implementation of the ministerial juridic person, to review, adjust, and document financial and property ownership issues with CSJ and ministries.
  • Article XII – Amendment
    • Sec. 12.1 Statutes may be amended by a two-thirds majority of Members, subject to approval by Province Leadership and the Holy See.
  • Article XIII – Dissolution and Suppression
    • Sec. 13.1 The Holy See may dissolve upon a two-thirds majority vote of the Members requesting dissolution. The Holy See may suppress if the Ministries actions are contrary to these Statutes or to the legislation and teachings of the Church or if the Ministries is not fulfilling its purposes as set forth in these Statutes.

Canonical Bylaws:

  • Article II – The Ministerial Juridic Person Name, office, purpose (see Statutes)
    • Sec. 2.4 establish a nonprofit civil corporation contemporaneously with the implementation of the MPJP.
  • Article III – Membership
    • Sec. 3.1 – Duties and Powers – business and affairs of the Ministries, has the authority to enable the Ministries to attain its purposes and stewardship of its properties in accord with canon law.
    • Sec. 3.3 – Formation – members complete an initial formation process, see appendix.
    • Sec. 3.4 – Appointment by province leadership, initially 9-12 members: 4 sisters. Subsequently endeavor to have at least 2 sisters. 1 from leadership of each ministry.
    • Sec. 3.5 – Stagger initial terms, otherwise 3 years x 3 terms = 9 years.
    • Sec. 3.6 – 75% Catholic
    • Sec. 3.7-19 – Resignation, Vacancies, Attendance, Removal for just cause.
    • Sec. 3.11 – Meetings and Procedural Rules – annual, at least two times/year, an annual meeting held at the location of Ministries office. The initial meeting of Members, elect officers. A quorum to conduct business is a simple majority of Members.
  • Article IV – Officers Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary…elected by the Members. Hold office for one year
  • Article V – Finance Committee Treasurer is chair of the Finance Committee – the committee is responsible for overseeing the finances of the Ministries
  • Article VI – Review and Amendment of the Bylaws Members or a committee appointed by the Members review the Bylaws at least every 4 years. Results of the review are documented in the records of the Ministries. Members can make, amend, and repeal these Bylaws by a 2/3 vote of the Members then in office and subject to the approval of Province Leadership.
  • Article VII Dispute Resolution – Addresses how any disagreement between an Educational Institution and the Ministries relating to the Sponsorship of the Educational Institution by the Ministries is handled.
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